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DGL International is one of the rare companies' proficient of handling and packing DGR shipment.

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DGL International is specialized in moving dangerous goods with integrated solutions and comprehensive services:

DGL Int. provides necessary packing materials that comply with IATA International transport rules.

  • DGL Int. moves dangerous shipments by Air and Sea.
  • DGL Int. has an experienced certified team.
  • DGL Int. provides customs clearance for import and export DG shipments.
  • DGL Int. manages a swift and quick DG shipments movement starting with shipment pick up from client’s premises, packing, marking, labeling, custom clearance, and airline or sea lines booking and reservation.
  • DGL Int. provides dry ice DGL International has comprehensive experience and knowledge in providing clinical logistics from/to Egypt. Accuracy and speed are the keywords in handling bio-samples shipments to assure the success of the whole trial. This is achieved with the assistance of our devoted and reliable team who has the required training and expertise in moving specimen shipments safe and sound. 


DGL International’s clinical logistics services include the following:  Provide temperature-controlled packaging including dry ice supply service to ensure safe and adequate specimen arrival to destination.  Provide Data Logger that records and monitors shipment’s temperature over a defined period of time.  Provide Customs support to quickly move shipments through the often complicated clearance process.  Coordinate the shipping of specimens from the investigator sites to the laboratory then tracks the shipment to ensure the timely and safe transfer of collected specimens.  Procure import/export licenses. DGL Int. Clinical Trial Packaging & Labeling:  DGL Int. offers specialty products such as temperature-controlled packaging solutions that include the following:  UN3373 Category B packaging:  Boxes available in two capacities and dimensions:  10kilos  20kilos  95 kPa Self-Seal Bio-Hazard Bag  4-Bay Absorbent Pouch (for test-tubes)

Bubble wrap Features:  IATA (PI 650) & TDG (P650 Packaging) compliant for air shipments pre-printed required labels self-sealing 95 kPa bag w/ document pouch for paperwork required absorbent included w/ cushioning for fragile Why relying on DGL Int.?  DGL Int. provides competitive rates.  DGL Int. can procure all required authorized governmental documents and certificates.  DGL Int. supplies all necessary clinical packaging for specimen shipments that complies with IATA requirements.  DGL Int. undertakes full logistical support for the successful conduct of your clinical trial. 


Value-added services:

Trucking Our vehicles are available for in-person transportation and delivery across Egypt, door-to-door convenience and peace of mind come as standard.