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DGL International is one of the rare companies' proficient of handling and packing DGR shipment.

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DG Packaging

DGL International is you reliable Dangerous Goods service provider. Our full range of high quality dangerous goods services supports your logistics requirements.
Don’t take risks with your dangerous goods, make sure they are professionally packed and meet all legislation and requirements.
We provide specialist packing services using UN certified boxes and packaging, which is aligned to IATA & IMDG regulations.
We ensure your documentation meets the necessary requirements for the selected transport mode and move your goods to an export warehouse.
Our knowledge of dangerous goods and worldwide contracts enables fast tracking of your international movements.
Our experienced staff is aware of the following:
• Packages must be constructed and closed in a manner that prevents any loss of contents
• Packages must be closed according to the manufacturer’s specifications
• No dangerous residue can be on the outside of the package
• The package, including absorbents and cushioning material, must be compatible with its contents
Dangerous Goods are defined as those goods which meet the criteria of one or more of Nine UN Hazard Classes.

Contact DGL International for freight forwarding and speak to one of our professional consultants to discuss your needs and arrange for an obligation free quote.

4GV/X5 Dimensions (mm) 260X130X360

4GV/X13 Dimensions (mm) 430 x 250 x 360

4GV/X15 Dimensions (mm) 330 x 330 x 360

4GV/X20 Dimensions (mm) 430 x 430 x 340

4GV/X25 Dimensions (mm) 390 x 390 x 470